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Those who know me know that I love aircraft, particularly old aircraft.  Big piston radial engines turning big propellers…there just is no substitute for that sound.

There are not a lot of the old airplanes around any more, particularly ones that were built for war.  One of my favorites is the B-17 Flying Fortress

Liberty Belle Flying

Four 1200 horsepower engines, 104 foot wingspan, about 75 feet long, these planes could only carry 8,000 pounds of bombload for a short mission.  Cut that in half for longer ones. 

On June 13, the B-17 Liberty Belle caught fire shortly after takeoff and the pilot made a forced landing in a field.  All 7 people on board were uninjured, but fire destroyed the plane.

Liberty Belle Crash

This video is not the Liberty Belle, but captures the B-17 (as well as a B-25 Mitchell) in awesome footage over beautiful landscape. 

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