Cesar Franck (1822 – 1890) was a French composer and organist.  He was not as prolific a composer as others, the majority of his recognition coming from works later in his life.

In this video, Diego Innocenzi is playing the 1880 Cavaille-Coll organ in the church of St. Francois-de-Sales in Lyon, France.  This organ is one of the few Cavaille-Coll instruments that are original and unaltered.  It is somewhat unique in that the Recit (top) and Positif (middle) manuals are separately expressive, meaning the pipes in those divisions are mounted inside large boxes with shutters.  The expression pedals allow the organist to open or close the shutters to provide volume changes, or expression.  On the majority of Cavaille-Coll organs, only the Recit is expressive.

 Note that this is a mechanical organ.  The coupler action can be seen when Diego is playing the Grand (bottom) manual, and the keys on the Recit (top) manual are playing as well.  The pedals are also mechanically coupled to the manuals.  The couplers are actuated by foot levers  above the pedals.  The two wide pedals in the middle are the expression pedals.  The smaller metal foot levers are the mechanical coupler actuators. 

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