Halloween Costumes

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Happy Halloween! 

The girls are up to their usual Halloween costuming this year, and they are awesome this year.  We will start off with Crystal as an evil angel.

Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Ashley dressed up as Rapunzel.



Rapunzel hangs her hair for the Prince to climb

Naturally, the evil angel catches up with Rapunzel and threatens to cut her hair off.

No, not my hair!

Karen picked up some costuming things at the Shakespeare Festival garage sale.  We went to watch the play Dracula last night and she went as Mina, after being bitten by Dracula.

Bitten Mina

OK, so the story says that vampires can’t be seen in the mirror.  I guess this means she isn’t a full vampire yet.

Not a full vampire yet

Reflecting on the bite marks

Good stuff this year.

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