Homemade frozen dinners…solving a problem.

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Cathy mentioned the other day about making homemade frozen dinners, like the ones you get at the store.  The problem with the store ones is not the price in so many cases, but the sodium and fat content.  At least until you get to the “healthy” ones, then you pay a few bucks each.  Of course, the convenience factor is hard to beat.  Heat for 6 minutes in the microwave and there is your meal.

If you are like me, I can’t cook a meal that comes out to exactly 4 servings for each item.  It’s more like 10 servings and there’s a lot left over.  Then, some of the leftovers will sit in the fridge and rot because everyone is sick of it after 3 or 4 meals of it. 

The frozen dinner problem has been what to put it in.  Sure, you can get Tupperware or similar products, but taking a container and remembering to bring it home, or into the house when you get home has proven to be less than consistent.  Today, I solved this problem, and rather cheaply, too. 

I went to Cash-and-Carry, a food service store, but open to the public.  I found 10 inch three compartment plates, and gallon size ziplock bags.  Sure, you can get these items at WalMart or wherever, but these were pretty reasonably priced.  These plates are microwaveable (cardboard fiber, not plastic or styrofoam).  Kind of like Chinet plates, but about 30% less pricewise.

Plates and Bags

Plate in a bag.

The plates fit inside the bags nicely.  The trick will be to put the food on the plate, freeze long enough to make the food solid, then put it in the bag.  That will keep the food from sticking to the bag so it can be removed prior to heating.  Plate and bag can be tossed when done.  The cost would be about 14 cents per meal.  Before you think that is awful, compare that to the cost of the food that would have otherwise been chucked.  At 5 per week, the total is less than 75 cents.  That’s a lot cheaper than any purchased lunch.

Over the period of a few weeks, after making a variety of meals and freezing leftovers, there will be several different things in the freezer, making for a variety of lunches and quick meals.

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