Day Trip to Lexington, Oregon

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Today I hauled a stack of ATV trailers for my friend Ryan, going from Nampa to Lexington, Oregon.  It’s quite the trip, most of it on the freeway, but the last 30 miles are on highway 207, going south from I-84.  Although I have driven that freeway any number of times, I have never been down into that section of Oregon. 

First of all, here’s the stack…lots of wind area.  And there was a headwind of about 20 mph.  So much for fuel economy.

Anyway, I got off the freeway and started heading down this highway 207.  After a couple of miles it just changes into this rolling hill farmland.  So much of it is apparently not irrigated, so it’s dry farming.  Miles and miles and miles of it.  Not much for houses, trees or anything else; almost desolate, except for the land was being put to use.

Looks like some of the crops had been harvested.

I can’t even imagine what people who might have traveled through there 200 years ago thought.  Just wide open rolling land with nothing but rocks and dirt.

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I would imagine they thought about the same thing the folks who went across the Panhandle of Texas for the first time did, “Holy crap! We should have stayed at the house!” 😀

July 13th, 2010 at 8:30 pm

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