I Remember…The TV Antenna Rotor

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I have mentioned before about not having a TV that worked for most of my younger childhood.  When we finally got a working TV, there were only a few channels we could get.  Eugene had two stations that I remember.  Channel 9, the ABC station and Channel 13, a combination NBC/CBS station.  Channel 7 in Corvallis was PBS.  And that was pretty much it.  Cable TV was not a thing yet.

Someone at the shop gave Dad a TV antenna rotor. It allows a person to remotely rotate the TV antenna to point it towards the TV transmitter antennas.  This is a great thing since TV antennas are very directional.  If the transmitter was more than 20 miles away and the antenna wasn’t pointing at it you probably weren’t going to be able to watch it.

Dad went through all of the process of getting the thing set up, the direction indicator correct, and wiring put in.  And it worked great!  Now we had 4 more channels from Portland we could watch!  They had separate CBS and NBC stations.  (A few years later, Eugene got channel 16 which became NBC and channel 13 went all CBS.)  Sure, the big networks were duplicates, but there was channel 12, an independent station and they played all kinds of movies and cartoons and stuff.

Amazing how something as simple as a rotor could double your TV world.

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