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One of the things I made is a result of having and old and fat dog.  She can’t jump up on the bed like the other ones can.  She apparently needs to get off the bed several times per night to pee, get a drink of water, etc. I was spending all night putting her up and down and no time sleeping at all.  She’s mostly blind as well, so jumping up on a couple of things was out of the question.  Solution: build a ramp for the dog.



I went with a ramp instead of stairs so that the blind dog won’t fall down the stairs (funny to watch as that might have been).  There’s only so much width to a bed.  The ramp angle ended up being 32 degrees, but I carpeted it so the dog would not be spinning her feet trying to make it up the ramp (although that would have been funny to watch as well).

I had the sides of an old and previously dismantled wood shelf unit.  So, I got some 2×3 and dado’d out a slot in them wide enough for one of the sides.  Assembled so there’s a ramp and a small landing at the top.  I mounted these so they were on a frame.  Then I added a railing to keep the blind one from walking off the edge.

Doggie Ramp Under Construction

Doggie ramp under construction

Here’s what it looked like against the bed.

Ramp at foot of bed

Ramp at foot of bed

That was completed November 2017.  Note the open framework under the landing.  This week I added the facing to it.  It’s just cedar fencing that I ran through the planer to clean up the front of.  The material is a little damp so after a month or two I will sand and clear finish it.

Faced Ramp

Faced Ramp

So, not quite finished, but closer.  The dogs use it and I don’t have to get up several times per night to lift the pug up and down.  That makes it a success!

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