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After a couple years of threatening, I have finally done it. I have upgraded the server and blog platform. The old 32 bit Web Server 2008 is done. That server was in place starting in about 2008 and has performed well. It made it 7 years without any major issues. It started off on a crummy old PC, was moved to a old Dl360 G2 server, and finally converted into a VMWare system in 2011.  As much as I dislike Vista, the server component was stable and ran without problems all that time.

Now, I have it running on a 2012R2 platform. In the process, WordPress was updated from version 2.9 to version 4.3. This was not a very easy project. I had issues getting WordPress installed and working on the new server. I finally found a site that had good setup information that resolved issues in IIS.  I had to update WordPress on the old server before I could move it. But, it’s up and running now. 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM have seemed to work wonders on it. It is responsive and works beautifully.

Now I don’t have any excuses…I should be putting lots of stuff on here!

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