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The paint has been so successful in areas of the house that I decided to keep on going in various areas. So far it has been a lot of fun and really made a difference.

This time I decided to do something in the master bathroom. The area where the sinks are is separate from the shower/toilet area. The counter and sinks are inset into the wall so it forms a sort-of alcove.  It was painted the same dark brown the rest of the house is.  I changed just that area to the lighter color and it made a huge impact in how bright and open the sink area is.

Bathroom sink area

Bathroom sink area

I made the comment to Laura that this lighter color has not become “old” in that every place I have put this color it has enhanced the room dramatically.

As a funny side note, while we were waiting at Home Depot for some different paint to be mixed up, we were looking at colors for the outside of the house.  One of the colors we picked is this same color. We have not decided if it would be a main or a trim color, but we both like it a lot.

Anyway, there are a couple more places I am going to put this color in the house. Not big areas, but the goal is to make the rooms brighter, happier and give some character to the place. So far that goal has been met and surpassed.

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