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Kristen wanted to have the color of her bedroom changed. It was the same brown color the rest of the house was and, while a nice color, was a bit much in a smaller bedroom. I brought home a variety of color chips and she picked out a couple she liked.

I actually did the work on the weekend of 7/25-26, but held off posting this until after she came home from California. This was supposed to be a surprise.

The goal was to give the room a brighter look and feel. It is a nice room with a vaulted ceiling. It is not a large bedroom, perhaps 11′ x 11′, with the closet of course.  Like so many other projects, I never seem to take before pictures. The after pictures, though are pretty amazing.

Note that I have not cleaned the carpet.

Closet doors and walls

Bedroom door and wall

Windows with new covering

The window originally had a pink covering over it, but pink would not have looked good in the room at all. The white sets off the window nicely and makes the darker blue trim stand out.

I do not have a picture of it, but the ceiling light fixture was originally a brown color, with some pattern on it. This would have looked awful. So, I got a can of dark semi-gloss spray paint and painted the metal parts. It turned out awesome and looks real good.

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