I Remember…Grandma’s Gas Stove

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One of the things that I remember about my Grandparent’s house is that things never seemed to change a lot. The few times they did, they were fairly big (carpet replacement, new couch). But, prior to those changes the original items were well beyond the range of general use. Part of that has to do with the great care they took of things. That couch (or davenport as they called it) was there for a long time past it’s useful life.

Anyway, Grandma had this stove in the kitchen, an old Tappan gas range. Just looking at old stuff, it appears that the stove may be a 1943 model.

Tappan Range

Anyway, I was thinking about when we go to replace the stove here. The original electric range has been decent, but we both would like to see about getting a gas unit. Maybe something like this:

Things sure have changed since the 1940’s. Nice big oven, different size burners, probably a lot more efficient. I would have to have someone plumb gas into the kitchen, but that will be a piece of cake…the gas lines are just behind the wall.

Anyway, that’s what we are thinking.  Still kind of fun to remember Grandma’s stove though.

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