What’s Underneath?

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The old house my sister and I grew up in was originally built in 1931.  Her husband has been spending a lot of time taking it apart and putting it back together again.  No more lath and plaster, old wiring or plywood walls.  He was working on one of the upstairs rooms when I was there.  This room was originally our parents’ bedroom, but later they moved to a different room and this one because the office/radio room.  The stairway has also been taken apart quite a bit, partly to expose where wiring would be but it also is going to be redone.  Here’s what it looked like while I was there.

Wall gone and partly rebuilt

Sloped wall because of the roof

Cupola is nice, but tough to drywall.

Hideous wallpaper that was under the hideous paneling in the stairway

Cut open to get to wiring

Looking down the stairs...

...and back up.

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