Truth and Obfuscation (August 2007)

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As I’ve been reading various blogs, I have noticed an interesting topic being discussed.  It has to do with Jesus and his parentage.  The person who has posted the most seems to have a good religious background, and has taken time to learn some of the languages the Bible was originally written in.  He argues that many, if not most, of the stories contained in the Bible are just not right or believable, based on his study of the original manuscripts.

As an example, he talks about the miracles of Jesus as being written after the fact by some years (which we already know), but exaggerated to make Jesus appear to be more than just a man.  During the course of these “discoveries”, he says he has come to some different conclusions about religion, God and life.

Among some of these things, I have read, in several separate places, discussions on who Jesus’ father really was.  Most of them say that Jesus’ father was indeed Joseph, who impregnated Mary in the same way mankind has always done.  The result of this idea is that Jesus was simply a man who, although favored of God, was no different than any other mortal man.

I find it so amazing how people can tarnish what little truth they do have.  The Bible was given to man to give them the word of God.  Nephi was prophetic when he wrote that people would say all they needed was a Bible, and nothing else could possibly be given.  Now, we have those who take that Bible and attempt to show that it is nothing more than fantasy, a product of ancient writers with large imaginations.

This shouldn’t really be surprising, seeing as how the history of man has been riddled with those who reject the words of God.  I just find it very interesting that I would run across it in several places in the past couple of weeks.  It is no wonder that God only gives a very small portion of His wisdom to most people.  They look for a sign or wonder, hoping that God will “prove” himself to them, when in reality it is they who must prove themselves to God.

I mentioned in our last testimony meeting that I had met some very nice people who were of the opinion that organized religion was just a way to tie people down, that nobody could know for certain if any one church or denomination was really correct.  That was the same Sunday that I was able to confirm Ashley and confer the gift of the Holy Ghost, after having baptized her the previous afternoon.  I said that after those experiences of exercising the Priesthood and feeling the spirit, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the true church.

A couple of people later, Jim Sevy stood and, to paraphrase, said that it was actually easy to know the church was true.  You simply start out by doing the things you know you should be doing, like going to church, praying, fasting, and accepting callings.  If you do it right, the church becomes a way of life and you feel the spirit during lessons, talks, and in your home.  Then you know it is true.  But you have to make the effort.  God isn’t going to force it on you.

For those who have the spirit and their testimonies, it is very easy to picture Jesus as the literal Son of God, perfect in every way, and the only person who can finish our journey back to God.  God’s truth does not change regardless of man’s desire and effort to alter it.  Truth gets lost in the clutter of speculation, lies and deceit.  But it is there, ready to be discovered and learned.  Those who seek it honestly and humbly have found it.

The rest, according to Section 121:38  are left unto themselves, “to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God”, unenlightened and unable to recognize what is right and what is not.

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