We had Ward Conference last Sunday. President Olsen spoke about having a broken heart and a contrite spirit as an offering to the Lord.

This has been one of the areas that I have always struggled with in some way. A broken heart is often associated with sadness or depression. Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy, not sad or depressed.

As I listened to the President Olsen speak, I had another thought that makes a lot more sense. For some reason, the only similar thing I could think of was boot camp. New recruits are put through several weeks of difficult tasks and intense training. They are also taught to follow orders immediately and without reservation. They are broken to do the will of their superiors.

I think that is what God means when he says to have a broken heart. Rather than sadness or remorse (we need those things in regards to repentance), our hearts are set to do the will of God immediately and without reservation. There is no room for objection to or disobedience of the commandments.

As we do this, our good thoughts and actions will become good habits. Our faith will increase because we will feel the presence of God daily. Our hearts will be “broken” to do the will of God continually, without reservation

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