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The garden project continues to go well.  I got the third box filled and transplanted the beans and peas to it.  They were outgrowing the little starter pot they were in.  So, those are transplanted and a new batch of seeds are planted.  Today I planted some other seeds, beets, carrots and spinach.  I decided to try an eggplant.  I still need to get the herbs done, but they are starting very slow.  I also got the cages for the tomato and squash plants and put them in place.

Veggies and seeds

Cages over the big plants

The whole thing

We also found some things that are fun for the back yard.

Not a spotted owl

Fountain....and the Spoiled Rotten Dog

And….my favorite, parked out by the front porch…

Grumpy...just like me

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