I found one of my old Don Black tapes the other day and listened to it while driving around.  (Yes, I have a tape player in the car.  This particular model car has a CD and tape player in it.)  The title is “Principles with Promise.”  In this talk, Don talks about various principles of the gospel that have promises attached to them, specifically, tithing, fasting, the word of wisdom.  Then, he talks about the Holy Ghost.

Now, I have listened to this talk before, but I found myself thinking very hard about the Holy Ghost.  As Don says, we often think of Him as a latent power, sitting idly by until needed in a great way.  This is not the case.

One of the stories that Don tells, is when he received his mission call to Denmark, and how he was worried that he would meet someone who knew more about the gospel than he did.  His father put his arm around him and said “My son, in your case, plan on it.”  Hardly words of comfort.  Then he says this:  “All your life we have taught you principles of the gospel.  We have tried to fill your mind with truth and knowledge.  You have a mechanism, God given to you called the Holy Ghost, who will bring to recall the principles and truths you have been taught, in the very hour you need them.”  Then he proceeds to give some examples of when that gift manifested itself in various circumstances, almost of its own accord, but giving him the words, scriptures and language he needed at the very time he required them.

As I have thought about this testimony, I thought about how the Holy Ghost operates.  He doesn’t very often force his way upon anyone, although he has the power to do so.  He isn’t loud or overbearing, but has the ability to pierce the soul.  He does not work through fear or threat, but gives love, understanding, and various gifts as needed, such as speaking in tongues.

Indeed, the Holy Ghost becomes more than a principle of the gospel.  He is a part of the gospel.  Being a member of the Godhead gives him authority and standing equal to Christ.  Neither can work without the other.

As Don says, the Holy Ghost is one of the grandest blessings we can have in this life.  Without him, we would be aimless, having no hope of knowing truth.  The evidence of this is when Christ was on the Earth with his apostles.  Even being in his presence, they were not the strong, powerful men they became when they received the Holy Ghost.  Their acts, as recorded in the New Testament, were as instructive and powerful as Christ’s.  We can be as strong as they were, having that same gift given to us.

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