Today was High Council Sunday.  It is interesting that in this stake, the high councilor who speaks selects a speaking companion to go with him and they present the talks.  I don’t remember that happening in other wards and stakes I have been in.

Sister Dopp was the speaking companion.  She is the wife of a member of the stake presidency.  She spoke mostly about the word of wisdom as a means of keeping ourselves free from addiction.  As she spoke, I had several thoughts about different kinds of addictions.

Physical addiction: This kind of addiction is something that we either take into our bodies.  For example, coffee.  People get addicted to the substances in coffee and it becomes very difficult to stop drinking it day after day.  Cigarettes are another example.  As the body becomes hooked on substances it affects our ability concentrate on more important matters.  As this happens, the spirit will become dragged down as the body succumbs to a losing battle of choice.

Now there are those who say, “I’m not addicted.  I can take it or leave it.”  This rationalization is not correct, since they always end up taking it.  They have limited their choice because the body craves and most often gets what it wants.

Mental addiction:  There are more subtle kinds of addiction than substances.  The human mind is able to take all kinds of things into it.  However, sometimes, there are things that become an obsession.  For example, pornography.  In this case, the mind becomes poisoned, but the physical body is largely untouched or hampered, at least for some time.  These kinds of addiction enslave the mind.  Because they tamper with the mind, they also alter character, emotion, and reason.  Mental addictions also are often more damaging to the spirit, often quicker and with more devastating effect.  There is virtually nothing a person can to do kill the connection with the Holy Ghost quicker than to start down the path of porn.  It is almost scary how fast it can go.  Yet, someone addicted to porn can, for all intents and purposes, be as healthy and free from physical addiction as the next person.

There are many things that can vie for our attention.  People get addicted to money, power, heroin, caffeine, sex, sports, etc.  When we let ourselves get stuck on those things, we begin losing our connection to the Holy Ghost.  There are things we can participate in that will not hurt us, such as basketball, or even politics, that will do us good, so long as they don’t become the focus of our lives.

Sister Dopp spoke mainly of the word of wisdom.  Obviously that is part of the battle.  The other part involves keeping our minds pure and unfettered by worldly things.  That may be the tougher challenge.

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