This weekend is our stake conference.  The major events are the reorganization of the Stake Presidency, and whatever other things necessary for that to happen, as well as various meetings or revelatory gatherings, according to Elder Bednar.  Yes, we have an Apostle of Jesus Christ with us.  All I can say is it is amazing to have him there, and to listen to one who is handpicked by Jesus Himself.  I will be detailing some of the things that were said, taught and felt.

President Olsen has been a Stake President for 9 or 10 years, and has served his time admirably and well.  I have been impressed with his leadership and the style of his presidency.  President Olsen is a truly good man who has magnified his calling and done his very best.  I have grown to enjoy his counselors, Presidents Dopp and Leckie as well.  President Dopp is a seminary instructor, and speaks truth and wisdom with ease, signs of a man who lives the gospel.  President Leckie is not as accomplished as a speaker, but you can feel the power of the spirit in his voice and the sincerity of a truly good man in his actions.  These men have been some whom I have grown to love and enjoy.

Naturally, there are many people who would make good Stake Presidents.  There are a few who would be great Stake Presidents.  One of the things we learned Saturday afternoon was that a new president was not chosen, he was found.  The Lord had already chosen him; the person issuing the call (in this case Elder Bednar) has to find that chosen person.  Another thing we learned was that in the process of finding, the interviews are more formality than the means of finding.  When the person chosen by the Lord enters the room for the interview, the spirit manifests it immediately when the “finder” looks at him.  There is actually scriptural basis for this that I will address in another article.

I don’t know very many people outside of my ward.  I am a little worried that Bishop Keeley will be a part of the new presidency.  I will be happy if this was the case, but I will also be sad, as he has been a fantastic Bishop.  However, his time as Bishop is likely soon over anyway, and I can’t think of a better man to be in the Stake Presidency.

Well, in less than 3 hours, we will know.  Today I am in the stake choir, and will have a seat up front.  I look forward to being so close and at the same time be able to see the audience.  I am walking today.  The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and there will be a lot of cars.  I have made a lot of notes, and there will be a ton of material to post.

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