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Well, today was the day I had enough.  After nearly 7 years I fired Sprint.  In the middle of a contract period even.

We have had 4 phone lines with them.  3 of them were these spiffy HTC Evo Shift Android phones.  They were sure promoted as these fantastic things, upgrade price of only $200 each when we got them.  And they were nice for a while.  Mine has seemed to hold up well for quite a while.  Karen and Crystal had to have theirs replaced last December because within 2 weeks, the screens quit working, and they started doing stupid things.  So they got replacements, what looked like nice new ones.  Naturally, they are refurbished.  A month or so later, Crystal’s quit working.  She took it in, can’t fix it, have to get another one.  11 days later, no phone yet…it’s on backorder.  This week, Karen’s went stupid to the point where it would not even turn 0n. (At least Crystal’s will let her make a phone call, but the touchscreen does not work at all.)  She took it in.  Can’t fix it, have to replace it.  Oh, it’s on backorder, don’t know when it will come in.

Getting the picture?  Two of four phone lines nearly unusable because the phones do not work.

So, I call Sprint.  They can’t won’t do anything.  I go to the store.  They can’t won’t do anything, but they will give me the number for customer retention.  I spent an hour on the phone with “Customer Retention” and made it to tier 4.  They can’t won’t do anything.  I wanted to have them change the two offending phones to a different phone.  They would not do ANYTHING in regards to price or swap, or refund, or even credit for not being able to use the phone lines because the phones would not work.  Oh, and yes the replacements on backorder and they don’t know when they are going to get them.

Hello T-Mobile!  4 new phones later, we have 3 Samsung Galaxys and a Samsung Gravity for Ashley.  Unlimited everything for me and Karen.  500 minutes each, lots of data and unlimited text for Crystal and Ashley.  Even including the phone financing the way they do it, we will be paying less per month, and when the phones are paid off, we will have better service for nearly half of what Sprint was charging.  And I am going to fight Sprint on the early termination fees.  I have had issues with them before about a variety of things, and this was the final straw. 

Not quite how I planned on spending the day, but I think it turned out all right.

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