Extinct California Signs and Stores

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My friend Larry sent me this email with a bunch of pictures of California signs and stores that no longer exist.  It will be interesting to see if my sister remembers any of these.




Kinney Shoes

Thom McAn Ad

I remember going to FedCo and GemCo with my Grandparents when we were down there.  I remember Thom McAn and Kinney shoes, but I do not recall ever going to a store or owning any.  I do not remember FedMart at all. 

One store I am sure my sister remembers is this one.


Lucky, just up the street from my Grandparents house.  It was purchased by Albertsons some years ago and I remember Grandma just not liking it much after that.  (Took me 20 minutes to find this picture!  I must have 40,000 pictures and/or scans to look through.)

Surprisingly, Lucky is still in business, but it appears they are limited to the San Francisco area now.

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I remember all of them except for the fedmart… And of course I remember the iconic Lucky sign! When I was little, that was how I knew we were at their house!

January 24th, 2012 at 8:30 pm

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