Why It Costs So Much

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My basic thoughts are that clothing is overpriced.  Big time.  I don’t hardly buy clothes if it isn’t on a clearance rack or a very good sale.  Well, today I found a couple of dress shirts on the clearance rack, paid $12 each for them, which is not too bad.  However, the normal price is $40 each. 

They were all nicely pinned and packaged up.  It took me about 5 minutes and a pair of scissors to undo the packing.  And here is everything that was in that shirt.

Amazing, isn't it!

Yup, cardboard, plastic, stickers, tags and pins.  Not a lot of money in parts, but someone had to engineer those pieces, and they likely were not all put into the shirt by machine.  By the time it is all made, packed, shipped, etc, the price tag is $40.  Would have been $25 without all of this stuff to make it so nice to look at on the shelf.  Of course, all of this stuff has no value or use to me, so in the trash it goes. 

And if it was $25 instead of $40, at 70% off it would have been $4.50 less on clearance!

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