Douglas DC-6

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In the 1930s and 40s, the Douglas Aircraft Company was well known for building multi-engine commercial airplanes.  The twin-engine DC-1 first flew in 1933, followed by the DC-2 the year after.  The famous DC-3, launched in 1936, was built by the thousands (with many going to the military as the C-47), and several hundred are still flown around the world today.

In 1942, Douglas started building the DC-4, a four engine aircraft, capable of higher speed and payload.  This developed into the DC-6, first flown in 1946. 

The DC series aircraft were known for their comfort, reliability and being fairly easy to fly.  This video is of Air Atlantique’s DC-6, tail number G-SIXC.  It is no longer flying, having been converted into a grounded diner in 2011.  Turn up the sound…there is nothing in the world like the bass rumble of big radial engines!

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