Pre-Halloween Music 8 – Beethoven’s 5th

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Beethoven does not have anything to do with Halloween at all.  Not unless his music is played on a pipe organ.  We are all familiar with his 5th symphony.  The Boise Philharmonic played the 5th symphony last season and it was absolutely dazzling. 

Here, Thomas Heywood plays his own transcription of the first movement of this remarkable symphony.  I find that the character of the piece is changed.  Not bad, but totally different in that it becomes very suitable for the background music to a Halloween graveyard scene in the front yard with a tombstone bearing Beethoven’s name. 

The organ is made by Schantz (originally Hill, Norman and Beard, 1929) and is housed in the Melbourne Town Hall, Australia.  It is the largest in the Southern hemisphere, containing around 10,000 pipes. 

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