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This has been a rant in process for a while, mainly because I didn’t really want to post something so negative, but things have finally come to a head and I need to get it off my chest. 

I am talking about the idiots of life who seem to be around in abundance.  If the idiocy was limited to the insides of their residences I would be fine with it, but these are the ones who put it on display in public and they don’t give a rip how it affects anyone else.

For example, the creepers.

These are the ones who, when they are at a red light in the turn lane, creep forward a bit at a time until the back bumper is in the pedestrian crosswalk.  Not only a violation of the law, they have now put their vehicle off of the sensor that tells the controller to trigger the turn light.  Unless the car behind them scoots up to where they should have been the turn light gets missed.  I have had this happen to me any number of times.  Scooting forward does not make the light change any faster.

Then there are the pushers.

These are the idiot pedestrians who push the button for the crosswalk multiple times while they wait…it only needs to be done once, maybe twice.  Pushing the button 85 or 90 times does not make the light change any faster.

Some pedestrians start crossing before its safe and after they push the thing lots of times.  I have watched lots of them nearly get hit because they decided to go and paid no attention to the cars that have the turn light.  You know, the creepers who happened to get the light.

The bike riders.

These are the bicyclers who think they own the road.  Lots of car and bike accidents happen in Boise because bikers just go through the red lights, dart out from between parked cars, make a sudden turn in front of you, etc.  Almost got a couple myself and not because I wasn’t paying attention.  The fact that I do pay attention is what saved their butts from being a spot of grease and scrap iron on the pavement.  Last time I checked, bikers are expected to follow the same traffic laws that motorists are.  Why are they not getting traffic tickets?  Those fines should be double for stupidity.

Next up are parking lots.

Parking lots are idiot zones.  Waiting for 5 minutes for someone to back out of a spot is rude and unnecessary.  The rest of us would like to park too, in a spot, not behind your sorry butt while you wait.  I have been stuck behind lots of these folks when there are empty places just 5 down from where they want to go.  Good Lord people, are you that lazy?  You are still going to push the cart through the store!  What’s another 50 feet?

In any other parking lot you get the folks who walk down the middle of the row so you can’t get around them.  And they are not in any hurry at all to get out of the way.  Driving through the Kohl’s parking lot yesterday, here’s this couple with a 3 year old kid just walking down the middle of the driveway, hand in hand, taking up nearly the whole width of it.  Really?  Move to the side and let traffic pass!  Have a little courtesy and sense of safety for Pete’s sake!  Nope.  They didn’t move out of the way until they got to their vehicle, 28 spaces down from the front.  Yes, I counted. 

The honkers…

We have the usual bevy of red light runners here.  Red light is merely a suggestion for the first 10 seconds or 3 cars, whichever comes first.  Therefore, I don’t move when the light turns green until I have looked everywhere to make sure everyone else is stopped.  I have had people hit the horn a half second after a light change because I have not moved yet because of traffic that is still running the red light.  Idiots!

It’s no wonder that there are road rage problems.  It’s all the idiots taking out their frustration on the other idiots!  I feel a little better, at least until I come across the next idiot.

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Speaking of road rage, The Evil One and I were headed to her dad’s house in Santa Rosa, CA. We were driving down the 101 when two vehicles went flying by us at warp speed. “Wow, maybe they are volunteer firefighters or something,” I thought to myself. As it turns out, no, they were volunteer idiots. Not 10 miles down the road from where they passed us, these two guys were in the roadside ditch beating the crap out of each other.

Idiots indeed.

October 9th, 2011 at 10:50 am

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