At the Edge of Space

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A couple of days ago I came across this video.  It’s the conclusion of a documentary that James May did for the BBC called “James May At The Edge Of Space”.  James is a journalist and presenter for various BBC productions.

In this video James is a passenger in a Lockheed U-2 spy plane being flown by Major John “Cabi” Cabigas.  The U-2 was first flown in 1955, and it is still in use 56 years later.  It is designed to fly at about 450 mph at 70,000 feet and has a range of over 6000 miles.  At that altitude, the plane is above 95% of the atmosphere.  Awesome music to this.


In case you are wondering, yes they use chase cars when the aircraft takes off and lands.  The plane is very difficult to handle when landing.  People in the chase cars tell the pilot how far off the ground he is and the plane has to be literally stalled before it will land.

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