Morning Road Trip

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Before cresting the hill on Highway 16 that heads to Emmett, there is a road going East that leads to Pearl.  I don’t remember the name of the road, but according to the map, it is Jackass Gulch Road.  For a long time I have wanted to drive down there and take some pictures.  This morning I did. 

The first mile is paved, then it changes to gravel.  It is high desert scenery, lots of sagebrush and dry plants, but for quite a while the road just goes by rolling little hills before doing down into the gulch.  Very pretty drive.  Click on the pictures to see them full size.


Sagebrush Central

Big Sagebrush Plant

Lots of these holes everywhere

Gravel road through the desert

No breeze so the dust stays for a long time

What's left of a fence

Rock face before entering the gulch

Down the gulch

Flowers in the gulch

Trail up the hill

Old building

Old building and shack

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