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We were wandering around WalMart and I happened to look in the freezer at the ice cream…and just cracked up.  (Of course, it was late, we had just finished the Steve Martin concert and we had sat in the sun for several hours…I am sure my brain was fried beyond belief!) 

Ice Cream

Yes, big letters on a yellow background, letting you know the Original Taste IS BACK!!!  So, I have to wonder…where did it go to begin with?  And what had replaced it for whatever period of time?  Just curious.

Speaking of things that make you wonder,  I found these at Target some time ago.

Charmin Basic

Charmin Ultra

Who knew that the same brand of TP came in different “trim levels”?  Base level vs. plush?  120 vs 320 grit?  As near as I could tell, there was only $1 difference between the two.

(And notice the bears seem absolutely overwhelmed with happiness about using either one!)

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LOL!!!! THAT is funny.

July 24th, 2011 at 6:25 pm

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