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Real Thanksgiving

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Once again, I find I have not posted anything on here in a very long time. That seems to be what happens, I get busy and just don’t have or take the time.  However, I have had some time for some reflection and I determined there were some things that I was very thankful for this year.

First and foremost, I am so thankful for my beautiful and amazing wife.  Words cannot express how much I love and adore her.  She makes my life so incredibly complete, in everything she says and does.  I didn’t realize before what real true love was.  What makes it even better is that I know she truly loves me.  Thank you Laura, for being mine and for loving and wanting me always.

I am also so thankful for my family.  My children, all of them, are wonderful and amazing people who continually make me proud to be their dad. My sister Cathy is an fantastic person.  She is one of the most warm and loving people I know and her husband and children give her great happiness.  My wife’s parents, Dick and Jan are the most incredible people I could ever hope to have for my in-laws. They have welcomed me with open arms to their family and show me daily they care about me.  Thank you everyone for all you do for me.

I am thankful for the few close friends I have.  Mark and Pauline, who I have known for many years are my longest and closest friends. They have shown that true friendship many times and continue to do so.  Also, my friends Ed and Ammon, whom I don’t see as much, but regard as close friends.  And some others I do see and talk with often, Kimberly, Kail, Lisa to name a few.  Thank you all for being my friends and caring about me and my family.

And finally, I am so very thankful for everything else I have been blessed with.  My job, my home, the things I have which make my life easier and more enjoyable. I am grateful to have the means to have and keep them. I am thankful to live in this country, in spite of who is running it. I know there are very few places in the world that afford a person the opportunities and freedoms that I enjoy.

I hope this Thanksgiving Day that everyone takes some time and reflects on God’s grace and love and what He has blessed them with.  There is much to be thankful for.  May we all be worthy of the gifts and things we have and never forget what true thankfulness and happiness are.