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Organ page and update

   Posted by: John    in Music

I have created a new page specifically for the organ project.  You can go here to see it, or you can click on “organ” at the top of the page.


Winter is not officially here yet…

   Posted by: John    in Outdoors, Pictures

Some pictures from a park, showing that Winter has arrived early this year.

Cold water

Cold trail

Complete with graffiti

Sit there and you will freeze your backside

Ice in the water

Leaves and snow

Frozen branches

More frozen branches

Frozen foliage

Low fence

Not so frozen geese

Naturally flocked tree

Frosty pine needles


Lily in the snow

   Posted by: John    in Lily

A little bit of snow to a small dog seems like a lot.  There’s about 4 inches of snow in the back yard…just about how long her legs are.


Winter has arrived!

   Posted by: John    in Outdoors

And it has brought with it cold, snow and cold.  The weather bookies are saying -1 tonight. Yuck!

Here’s some snow pictures though!

Snow in the back yard

Doggie trail...more like doggie hops

We won't be sitting here for a while

Front yard


Some bushes just seem to attract more snow