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New Project

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Well I am finally doing it!  I am building my Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ!  I have wante to build one of these for the past few years now, and it is finally happening!

Some friends that I go to church with decided to downsize their house and gave me their old Baldwin organ that no longer works.  That is fine, I am not going to use any of the electronics in the cabinet at all.  The big things that it has that I need are the pedalboard and two keyboards.  I need to find one more keyboard for a total of 3. 

One of the advantages of a Hauptwerk organ is that you are not limited to just one instrument.  There are lots of organs out there that can be purchased (and a few free ones!).  They sound like the originals because they are pipe by pipe recordings of the originals.  You just can’t believe the sound quality. 

The biggest disadvantage is that if you have a re-purposed console, the old stops are marked with what was in the old console.  The chances of it’s configuration matching the virtual instrument are zero.  So, the old stops are going away.  I decided to build “generic” stops that will not have the stop names on them.  Instead, I will do the labeling on paper and laminate it, then be able to attach it above the stops to indicate what they are.  That gives full flexibility. The stop faces will be made of thin oak that is attached to a simple pushbutton switch. An LED will light up when the stop is on.