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The Corn is as High as an Elephant’s Eye

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Extra points if you know where that line comes from.



Along the Way Back from Oregon

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I stopped a couple places along Highway 20 on the way back home and got these shots.  The South Santiam river is very pretty, even though there is very little water in it.

River and sky

Water and rock and trees...oh my!

Lava rocks along the road

Trees, upright and fallen


A Few Good Pictures

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While visiting my sister last week I took a bunch of pictures, but I also spent a lot of time messing with settings and often took many pictures of the same thing.  But, here are a few that I took that turned out good. 

Street corner where I grew up

Out the back and across the fields

Neighbor's barn

Apples on a tree in the field

Chair in the field

Getting ready to rain



Fruits of my Labors

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Yesterday I had gone to Caldwell to do some work. When I was done I decided to drive down to some of the orchards and see if they had fruit ready to pick.  Most of the U-pick places were not open yet, but I did find a fruit stand that had some peaches that were picked that morning.  I bought a half bushel and this morning I got them prepped for the freezer.  I like peach cobbler.  But peaches are nearly always too expensive and canned peaches just don’t cut it.  Each bag has 6 peaches and 1/2 cup of sugar.  Here they are ready for the freezer. 

Peachy keen!



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The only benefit of having so much smoke in the air is that sunrise and sunset are very colorful.  Here’s this morning’ sunrise.

Getting ready to peek over the mountain

Behind a tree


What’s Underneath?

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The old house my sister and I grew up in was originally built in 1931.  Her husband has been spending a lot of time taking it apart and putting it back together again.  No more lath and plaster, old wiring or plywood walls.  He was working on one of the upstairs rooms when I was there.  This room was originally our parents’ bedroom, but later they moved to a different room and this one because the office/radio room.  The stairway has also been taken apart quite a bit, partly to expose where wiring would be but it also is going to be redone.  Here’s what it looked like while I was there.

Wall gone and partly rebuilt

Sloped wall because of the roof

Cupola is nice, but tough to drywall.

Hideous wallpaper that was under the hideous paneling in the stairway

Cut open to get to wiring

Looking down the stairs...

...and back up.


Sunset Pictures

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Taken from my sister’s back yard.


Fading to Orange

In between trees

Tree and star

Tree, blue and orange

Fading to red

Moon over the trees

Last gasp