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More Lily

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I put some bark mulch around the tree in the back yard this afternoon.  Lily was just sitting by the tree and I got this picture of her.  Kind of looks like a fall day with the bare tree and the leaves on the ground.  Kind of felt like a fall day too, but it’s early spring.  Oh well…




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Well, not quite, but I managed to get rid of a bunch of old stuff today.  9 old computers (minus the hard drives…have to either wipe or destroy them), `13 old laptops, a bunch of old misc stuff and 2 CRT monitors.  There’s a place in Meridian that recycles computer stuff for free, so took them there.  Trunk, back seat and front seat were full.  Also took a stack of dead sealed lead-acid batteries to Interstate Battery for recycling.  I didn’t know the large car-sized ones were worth a few bucks.  Came away will $11 for them.  That was a very pleasant surprise!


Making it her own

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Now that kid #2 is off on her own, the youngest finally has her own bathroom.  We went to Walmart (I know, shame on me!) and got her some stuff to put in it.  I was a little concerened about major color clash (and this coming from the hopelessly inept when it comes to colors and stuff) when we were at the store, but it turned out not to be a problem.

A Shower of Owls

Note the owl hooks as well.


Cute Doggie

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Spring and a hundred bucks later…and more.

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Wow, it has been 3 months since I posted anything on here.  I guess that’s what happens when you get sick, don’t get well very fast, then get so busy that you just don’t care.

However, it is feeling very spring-ish and I decided to do something with the front yard.  So I put up some border material and filled in with some bark mulch. Dang this stuff is expensive.  But it looks pretty good now.

"Ugly Plant" bed

Tree ring

Aside from that, I have spent the last couple of weekends working on my work room.  Or man-cave if you want to call it that.  Since Crystal moved out, I have moved into her old room.  It has worked out pretty well.  I am amazed I had all that stuff in that little corner I used to occupy, but I did.  All in its own room now.

Desks and workstations

Cabinets and stuff

Yeah, that second picture is a little blurry.  Sue me.

And finally, a couple of humorus things I found while shopping.

Marketing humor

Real big savings there...