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Taken on Amity Road south of Meridian.

ISO-200, f/2.8, 1/6400 sec, 44mm focal length


Winter is here

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And it is a snowy and cold one so far this year.  Last week was cold, lows in the single digits.  It started snowing last Sunday and has been snowy and cold since.  Yesterday the clouds cleared out and the temp dropped to -2 overnight.  Yuck!  At least the main roads are pretty well dry.  Side streets, parking lots and neighborhoods, not so much.  Today it may make 20 degrees and the next several nights are going to be very cold.

I took a few pictures just out in front of the house.  Too cold to go wandering too far around with the camera.

Snowy Bush

A little color

Small leaves

The Frozen Bush

Ice covered tree branches

Chain icicle