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New Toy

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I have been getting concerned about my old storage hard drives for some time.  They are about 5 years old and that is about as old as you really want to go with drives, particularly storage units.  The four 250’s only give 700 GB total space.  I have had a 2 TB external unit (2 drives, RAID 1) for some time, but it has been starting to go goofy.  Turns out the fan in it had quit and the drives had been running very hot.  The circuitboard was looking rather toasty as well, although the drives themselves seem to be fine. 

Wanting to be pro-active, I decided the time was right to get new drives.  Newegg had a sale on Western Digital 2 TB drives, so I decided to get 3 of them.  That would be 4 TB after setting up the RAID-5 array.  I was going to get a good internal RAID card, one that was about $250.  But, I came across one of Newegg’s Shell-Shocker deals.  What I ended up with was a 4 place exteral RAID storage device that can be connected by USB 3.0 or eSata.  And, it came with a 2 TB drive as well!  So, four 2 TB drives in RAID-5, making 6 TB total storage!  That’s about 150% more than I had previously.

Anyway, here’s the device.  It’s actually pretty slick.

External RAID unit

Of course, Win XP does not deal with partitions over 2 TB, so it has three partitions of equal size. I have been able to segment each partition roughly according to content.  One for software, one for media and pictures, and one for whatever is left over.  Fast, quiet, and no longer computer specific.  What’s not to like!


Another Road Trip

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Boise to Moscow Map

I had to take a road trip to Moscow, Idaho this week.  Takes 6 to 7 hours each way depending on traffic, construction zones, and in this case, weather.  Nice going up, but I left at 0430.  Not much traffic and the contruction areas were not being worked on yet.  Coming back was not so quick and easy.  Left Moscow just in time for a massive thunderstorm to get started and it followed the road with some incredible lightning shots and downpour for nearly a hundred miles.  Nothing like keeping up with the storm that was dumping rain so hard that the wipers on high were barely keeping up.  I finally got out from under it between Lewiston and Grangeville.  Then it was dry and hot.  70 degrees under the storm, 100 degrees the rest of the way.

I decided to take a minor detour through the little berg of White Bird then drove the old Hwy 95 back up to near the top of White Bird pass.  It’s only about 10 miles, but climbs very steeply from 2600 to about 4000 feet.  The road winds its way up the side of the hill in switchbacks and very sharp curves.  There are some very scenic spots, just not a lot of places to pull over and look.  I did manage to get a few pictures though.  Click for full size.

Valley Ranch


Cloud peeking over the hill

Slide warning


Dead tree

I decided to stop briefly at McCall and stretch my legs for a few minutes.  There is this awesome lake and I took a few pictures of it.


Small marina

Houses on the lake

Another sailboat

Between the trees


Real Good Fortune Cookies

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Some time ago I posted a bunch of fortune cookie stuff.  They were average fortunes that were in a huge box of cookies.  Last week we went to a different Chinese restaurant and these fortunes were far superior.  Remember that you have to add  “in bed” to the end of each one.

A pleasant surprise is soon in store for you…in bed.

You will find hidden treasures where you least expect it…in bed.

Now is the best time for you to be spontaneous. Serendipity!…in bed.

You will have many friends when you need them…in bed.

Yeah, it was pretty funny stuff.


Make your own album

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I was looking at failblog and the item up top had to do with making your own instant album.  The instructions:

1) Go to Wikipedia and click “Random Article”.  That is your band name.

2) Go to Wikiquote, click “Random Page” and pick a quote. The last few words are your album title.

3) Go to Flickr’s “Last 7 Days” page.  The 5th image is your album art image.

4) Compile the album image with the artist name and album title on the image editor of your choice.

What the heck, let’s try it.  And here it is. 

Hell's Cargo - Ultimate Reality


Different Style

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I have not posted any pipe organ stuff for a while.  Theater organ is not my favorite style, but this guy does it awesome!  Of course, these are virtual Wurlitzers, along with a virtual grand piano. 



Different Settings

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Same thing, different times...


This one needs a security patch

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I saw this picture today and sent it to a work buddy and asked if he could fix it.

Security Hole

His response:  I think we should dowload a patch for it.  Isn’t that what Microsoft does for big holes?

Funny though…I could swear the thing says it is a MacBook Pro…


Goofy Storm

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No, not the Disney character.

We have a little bit if weather going on right now.  The temperature was up to 93, but now is 75 or so.  Black clouds to the East and over us, but the West is pretty clear.  Windy, some lightning and thunder, a little rain, sunny at the same time….and yes there is a rainbow.

Cloud Line



Boise Depot

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Karen did a wedding at the Boise Depot on the 4th of July.  The depot is just south of downtown.  I wandered around with the camera and took some pictures.  Click them for full size.

Depot tower

Looks rather Italian doesn't it


Cave and water




Rocky foliage

Water plants

Little waterfall

The source of most problems


Not sure I want to know what to beware of…

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All the better to eat you with