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Crystal Graduates!

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It’s official!  Crystal is a high school graduate!  Looked like about 400 in the graduating class, the first full class for Rocky Mountain High School. 

Getting the diploma

Flight of the purple caps

Tell me she isn't happy to be done


Crystal and Ashley

Yeah, we are happy to be done. Only one more to go!


Geek Stuff

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Well, the new server is up and running, and it was not that difficult to do once I decided to just get it done.

There were a couple of major problems to overcome.

1) The existing 2011SBS server was on a crummy platform.  I built a new platform for it to run on with lots of horsepower.  My initial thought was to migrate from the old to the new but the process just would not work right.  (I had originally done a migration from the old 2003SBS to 2011SBS and that worked OK.)  Since there are only a few users I finally decided to start fresh.  The only thing I was concerned about saving was the email/exchange stuff, and that was resolved with by making a backup in Outlook before turning off the old server, then copying that back to the mailbox after joining the new server.  Starting fresh also prevented any existing problems from migrating to the new server (and there were a few from the migration from the old 2003SBS I think).

2) Because I decided to start from scratch and because the SBS server is the domain controller (DC), I would have a new DC.  That meant the computers joined to the existing DC would have to be disjoined then joined to the new DC.  Even though the new DC would keep the original domain name, because it is a different server it would be seen as a new organization.  The original profile on the client computers would be different.  That meant I would have to transfer all the files, settings, favorites, etc. between profiles.  You never really get things back to where they were before a profile change.  This was resolved by a handy and free tool that one of the office techs shared, called ProfWiz, short for Profile Wizard.  Once the new DC was in place I just ran that tool on the member computers, told them to join the new domain and pointed to the old profile.  A few minutes and a reboot later it was done.  It even kept the same background and desktop shortcuts.  I managed to copy over all of the desktops, storage server and web server in less than 2 hours.

There were a few minor hiccups.  I had registry error for Dropbox but a little research gave the answer on how to fix that.  Because I set myself up as the network administrator I had no permissions issues on the storage server.  For other family members I had to remove the  old permissions data (when the old DC was turned off the descriptions became invalid) and add them from the new server’s user list.  That took a whole 20 minutes.

I managed to get all of this done last Friday evening.  There have been other things to do, like tinker with the SharePoint stuff (there are still a couple of issues with SharePoint), get the VPN set up properly, etc.  But overall it has been a good project.

Oh yeah, I finally went through the process of getting a real SSL certificate.  Once that was installed I no longer get the invalid certificate warning and Remote Desktop sessions work properly from the Remote Web Workplace login.  Very slick!  I also added the Spamhaus subscription to the exchange server and so far that has blocked the virus-laden email from coming in.


Eclipse (no…not the vampire)

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I am not real happy with these pictures but they are the best I got.  Dang difficult to get good pictures of the sun.  I have two polarizers on the camera in order to make it come out without blurring or being a big white fuzz.  Therefore the sky looks dark and the clouds very strange.  But you can see the eclipse happening.


Behind some clouds

Getting closer...

Almost there

At its peak


Moving off

Nearing the end

Pretty well done


Sanity Check

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Must be me


Almost 6 years ago…

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I decided that I have way too much stuff out there on the server so I started going through some of it.  I came across something I wrote on November 9, 2006.  It was obviously a post I wrote for a blog, but I did not have one then.  So I must have written it as a guest post for Mark’s blog (which, at the time, was entirely different than what it is now).  I must have a gift for prognostication as most of what I put in there has come true.  In this case, it has not been a good thing.

So, for your reading pleasure, here’s what I wrote more than 5 years ago, right after a mid-term election.

I realize that I have not posted here in a long time.  I’ve just been way too busy.  There just does not seem to be that much time any more to get everything done.  Ah, the benefits of working.

However, I feel the need to post a couple of comments about the past election.

1)      Republicans deserved to lose, mainly because they have not acted like the conservatives they claimed to be.  I do not feel that there are many conservatives left, so getting people elected to congress who are going to be worth it is difficult at best.

2)      Democrats who won over incumbent Republicans did so mostly by claiming they are the conservatives.  I don’t believe them.

3)      Now that both houses of congress are under liberal control (can’t get much worse than Pelosi and Reid), hang on to your pocketbooks.  If you thought that past few years of spendaholics was bad, just you wait.

4)      Bush needs to use his veto pen many, many times over the next two years.  If he goes along with tons of new congressional spending there will be a liberal in the White House in 2 years.  People are sick of massive government spending.

5)      If we have a liberal congress and president in 2 years, with the current leadership or similar in place, welcome back to the Carter years.  We will have rising inflation, rising unemployment, rising interest rates, PLUS the constant threat of terrorism within our borders, increasing crime like you wouldn’t believe, and God-fearing Christians will be increasingly persecuted for standing up for their beliefs.  Some of this will be muted by individual state laws, but the federal agenda will promote it.

6)      If, on the other hand, the now powerful liberals act like the liberals we have come to know and love, and fulfill the agenda they have said they wanted, which is to raise taxes, impeach Bush, investigate everything they can, leave Iraq hanging in the breeze, and generally ruin every good thing that has happened the past several years, and if Bush will play conservative and do everything he can to keep all of it from happening, there is a good chance that in 2 years, sanity can prevail. 

7)      In the mean time, do things that will keep the bad effects of government to a minimum.  Pay off your credit cards.  Put some money aside.  Store some food.  Purchase ammunition.  Do your job well so you are a valued employee, not a liability.  In short, spend the next couple of years getting your position in life into as good of a place as you can, because the storm is likely coming.

Now, you might think from some of this that I am somewhat depressed.  Not even.  I think that we have the opportunity to get our individual ducks in a row in spite of what our national leadership is doing.  Anything that congress does now will take some time to have an effect.  The Bush tax cuts have taken several years to make the national economy what it is now.  It will take some time for detrimental things to have the opposite effect.  All I am saying is take advantage of the current times to put yourself in a good position and pray mightily that it doesn’t change.

Since writing this, items 3, 4 and 5 have pretty much happened as written, with the bonus of high energy prices thrown in.  And if you don’t think Christians aren’t being persecuted, witness the political battles over abortion and so-called birth control rights. 

Keep in mind that I wrote this before I ever heard of the current pResident.  I see him as the destroyer of all that is good and right. 

And #7 applies now more than ever.  I do not think the storm has hit yet.  Just wait until the race wars start.