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How I spent my New Year’s Eve

   Posted by: John    in Fun Stuff

We don’t get invited out very often.  But this year we were invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve and we decided to go.  They had so much food…all of it fattening of course!

So, we were all playing a game, interspersed with moments of comedy and laughter (OK, so it was comedy and laughter interspersed with playing a game) and somehow the topic of weddings came up.  Well, one of the couples there are engaged, and one of the other couples aren’t…yet.  And going along with the wedding conversation, we were talking about Karen officiating at weddings, making a few bucks at it.  We had a great laugh at the Wedding Ceremony for Jail that I wrote some months ago. 

One of the guys asked how she advertised, and she answered Craigs List, and people would just email her and she would call and make the appointment to meet them.  She happened to look at the email on her phone…and there was a message from someone asking if she would have time over the weekend to marry them.  We all thought that was pretty good, but after emailing back and forth a couple of times, they decided to do it that night!  They were not far away and already had the license and other paperwork they needed.  So, we all quickly tidied up the house, they came over, and we had a wedding at 11:45 PM on New Year’s Eve.

Bet that tops anything the rest of you did!