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Aperature, Depth of Field, and Focus

   Posted by: John    in Pictures

One of the pictures I took the other day was a branch in front of a downspout chain.  This was in front of the house.  I was amazed that when I was looking through the lens the chain was not in focus, but when I looked at the picture it was.  I remembered something from the photography class in Jr High School about depth of field vs aperature.  I took the  tripod outside, set up the camera, and took a series of pictures, changing the aperature from f/2.8 to f/22.  The lens is about 6 inches from the branch.  The chain is 3 inches behind the branch.  The porch support is about 15 inches behind the chain.  The garage door is about 12-15 feet away from the camera.  Check out how the items behind the branch are blurred at first, but come into focus as the apearture size decreases.

f/2.8 (1/1500 sec)

f/4 (1/640 sec)

f/6.3 (1/250 sec)

f/10 (1/125 sec)

f/16 (1/50 sec)

f/22 (1/25 sec)

Amazing, isn’t it!  The picture I posted previously was f/7.3 (1/200 sec), picked by the camera.