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Nearly Leafless Tree

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I say nearly leafless because the tree is bare except for leaves on the very ends of the branches.  Like these.

Leaves on the branch ends

The branches are bare, but the buds that will put out leaves in the spring are already in place on the branches.

Dormant buds


Seen on the stairs

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The Ghost of Ashley Present

Ever see a ghost stick out its tongue at you before?  Me either.



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I haven’t seen a wishbone done for a long time.  We had the one from the Thanksgiving turkey so Karen and Ashley pulled the wishbone.



Ashley wins!

I hope she wished for a million bucks!


Happy Thanksgiving

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To everyone except the turkey, that is.


Doggie Fun

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Yeah, the little dog is a characater, mostly good.  She thinks the bed is her playground.  Here’s a few pictures of her goofing around.

This is MY bed!

If I lay very still you can't see me...

Peek a boo!

When your back is turned...I'm going for the cat!

Actually, that last picture’s caption is true.  As soon as I turned and left…the dog loves to chew on the cat’s ears.


Messing With Pictures

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I have been using Lightroom to work with the pictures I take.  It is quite amazing what can be done to make a picture turn out awesome.  You can also do things that totally alter a picture and make it very different than what it was originally.

For example…this picture.


We have a basic picture of leaves.  Greens, yellows, browns.  This picture is unaltered, just as it came out of the camera.

So, I decided to mess around with the color settings.  Lightroom allows you to alter Hue, Saturation and Luminance on the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple and Magenta.  (There are other settings that give you control over any color, I think).  This picture has the Red and Orange saturation turned down, while the Yellow is turned up.

Minus Red and Orange, increased Yellow

Notice the background blue sky and green trees are unchanged.  Just the character and color of the leaves are different. 

In this one, I decreased the Yellow, but left Red and Orange unchanged.

Less Yellow

Notice the red and oranges stand out more, but the yellow and lighter green hues in the leaves are gone.  Again, the background sky and trees are unchanged.

This picture is a little different.  These leaves are reddish-brown and there is a variety of fall color in the background.

Leaves with Fall background

I turned down the yellow and the changed scene looks like early Winter.  The trees in the background look like they could have some frost on them.

Leaves in early Winter

Kind of cool huh!


Water Pictures at Albertson Park

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When I was at Albertson Park several days ago I got some pictures with water in them.  The fall colors were absolutely gorgeous and these pictures capture most of it. 

Ice along the lake edge

Small Waterfall

Rock in Water

Thin Ice



Ducks Sleeping in a Tree

Ducks and a Scenic Background

Wary Duck

Foreground / Background


Squirrel Post

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I was at Albertson Park some time back and saw this squirrel.  It was up on this piece of log about 8 feet off the ground, just sitting there looking at me.  If I could read it’s thoughts it would have been thinking “Yeah, I’m up here and you’re down there and can’t reach me!”




Singing in the Stars

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Rainstorm Trooper


Corporate Name Evolution

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If you lived in the Pacific Northwest in the 70’s and 80’s, you probably remember Pacific Northwest Bell.  They were the telephone company.  They merged with some other Bell companies to form U.S. West.  It’s no secret that their service sucked big time.  I used to call them US Worst.

Then, in 2000, US West merged with Qwest Communications.  I used to kid around that US West’s brand was so bad they had to change their name.  Service still sucked for quite a while, so I started calling them Qworst.

Now, Qworst has merged with CenturyLink.  I have already had some bad experience with them.  Make a change to your service, experience 2 months of headache.   The CenturyLink name is a little more difficult to work with, but I have finally come up with their new moniker…Clunk! 

And that is name evolution in the corporate world.


Cheap Entertainment

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Seen at a local bazaar.  Give the gift that clearly says redneck!

Hillbilly Bubbles


Aperature, Depth of Field, and Focus

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One of the pictures I took the other day was a branch in front of a downspout chain.  This was in front of the house.  I was amazed that when I was looking through the lens the chain was not in focus, but when I looked at the picture it was.  I remembered something from the photography class in Jr High School about depth of field vs aperature.  I took the  tripod outside, set up the camera, and took a series of pictures, changing the aperature from f/2.8 to f/22.  The lens is about 6 inches from the branch.  The chain is 3 inches behind the branch.  The porch support is about 15 inches behind the chain.  The garage door is about 12-15 feet away from the camera.  Check out how the items behind the branch are blurred at first, but come into focus as the apearture size decreases.

f/2.8 (1/1500 sec)

f/4 (1/640 sec)

f/6.3 (1/250 sec)

f/10 (1/125 sec)

f/16 (1/50 sec)

f/22 (1/25 sec)

Amazing, isn’t it!  The picture I posted previously was f/7.3 (1/200 sec), picked by the camera.