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New printer/scanner…I like it!

   Posted by: John    in Computer and Network

The old HP C6180 finally decided to die.  I used it for nearly 4 years.  Of course, it was given to me with some problems…would not print black ink.  It was one that had the ink tanks instead of the cartridges with the built in print heads.  I discovered that the tube going from the tank to the print head was plugged up.  It to0k hours to fix, but I did it and the think worked pretty good for quite some time.  Best feature was the auto sheet feeding scanner.  I ran a lot of pages through that.

But, the ink system finally failed and it would not power on any more.  Time to replace it.

Since I really like having the sheet feeding scanner, I decided I wanted another one, but one that would do both sides.  And print both sides.  So I ended up buying an Epson WorkForce 840.  This guy.

Epson WorkForce 840

Nice print quality, ink cartridges are a little expensive, but they hold a lot of ink.  Since most of what gets printed gets chucked in the bucket, I have it set on the fast print which uses considerably less ink than the normal print.  It has 2 paper trays.  I have the bottom one filled with plain paper and the top one has 4×6 photo paper.

This morning I am finally trying the auto feed scanner.  Keeping in mind that I am scanning 30+ year old handwritten pages, I have only had one paper jam, and that was a cinch to fix.  Scanned about 150 sheets, both sides, in an hour.  Not bad at all!

Here’s the best part.  Epson’s retail price on this unit is $300.  Staples had it on sale for $170, but if you took in a dead printer to recycle they knocked off another $50.  So I took in the dead HP and got this one for $120.  And it came with the extra large ink cartridges, which to replace them all is about $90.  Not a bad bargain at all!