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Printer options…

   Posted by: John    in Fun Stuff

So, I am out at a client with a co-worker replacing a DSL modem that had failed.  We got that done, and the office lady said something about the laser printer curling the paper badly and was there anything we could do about it.  My work buddy thought that sometimes the fuser temperature could be adjusted to help prevent that from happening.  He went to look at that while I addressed an issue where the same printer was only doing black and white instead of color.  He comes back in the room after a minute, just laughing like crazy.  It turns out that in the menus on the printer, there is an option to adjust that.  But instead of saying “Fuser high temp/low temp” or something like that, the menu item says…

“Reduce paper curl”

We all had a good laugh.  And to prove that it does work, here are 2 sheets of paper that came through it.  The reduced “paper curl” one is on the right.

Paper curl options

Kind of makes you wonder if there is also an option in “Increase paper curl”.