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Independence Day Fireworks

   Posted by: John    in Fun Stuff, Outdoors

Nothing like a little pyrotechnic fire to end the day!  It’s actually amazing what a single frame captures.  It’s very pretty when watching a continuous display, but the bits and pieces of fire and sparks that are flying everywhere are quite amazing.

Bits of fire everywhere

Caught with someone's "illegal" firework in the background

Colors in the sparks

Ashley with a sparkler

The folks down the road were shooting off some things as well, but I took this picture because of the sliver of a crescent moon.  You can’t hardly see the moon at all, but the low light shot was pretty good. 

Down the street

In case you are wondering, this is the D-1 with the 17-35mm lens.  f/2.8, 1/4 sec, 1600 ISO.  Exposure is -1.7 in order to allow the shutter to work a little faster.  Otherwise it would have been a 1 second exposure.  As it is, I am amazed that it is not blurry…I was not using the tripod!