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What year was this?

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What year was this?

Click to make it bigger.  And no, that is not my cat Clive!  I think that one’s name was Moron.



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Crystal found this frog out front of the house.  It looked about 3 or 4 inches long and blends in with the ground pretty good.  Since it was dark I had the phone camera “flash” on. I had to correct the pictures a bit to get even out the light flare on the dirt.


Frog again


New printer/scanner…I like it!

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The old HP C6180 finally decided to die.  I used it for nearly 4 years.  Of course, it was given to me with some problems…would not print black ink.  It was one that had the ink tanks instead of the cartridges with the built in print heads.  I discovered that the tube going from the tank to the print head was plugged up.  It to0k hours to fix, but I did it and the think worked pretty good for quite some time.  Best feature was the auto sheet feeding scanner.  I ran a lot of pages through that.

But, the ink system finally failed and it would not power on any more.  Time to replace it.

Since I really like having the sheet feeding scanner, I decided I wanted another one, but one that would do both sides.  And print both sides.  So I ended up buying an Epson WorkForce 840.  This guy.

Epson WorkForce 840

Nice print quality, ink cartridges are a little expensive, but they hold a lot of ink.  Since most of what gets printed gets chucked in the bucket, I have it set on the fast print which uses considerably less ink than the normal print.  It has 2 paper trays.  I have the bottom one filled with plain paper and the top one has 4×6 photo paper.

This morning I am finally trying the auto feed scanner.  Keeping in mind that I am scanning 30+ year old handwritten pages, I have only had one paper jam, and that was a cinch to fix.  Scanned about 150 sheets, both sides, in an hour.  Not bad at all!

Here’s the best part.  Epson’s retail price on this unit is $300.  Staples had it on sale for $170, but if you took in a dead printer to recycle they knocked off another $50.  So I took in the dead HP and got this one for $120.  And it came with the extra large ink cartridges, which to replace them all is about $90.  Not a bad bargain at all!


View from the top

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I was up on the hill South of town at a clients Friday morning.  It is a gorgeous view over the valley and city of Boise.  I wish I had taken the Nikon camera, but hadn’t thought about it ahead of time.  So, these are from the camera on the phone.

Click them to enlarge them.

Looking North towards the city and airport



Printer options…

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So, I am out at a client with a co-worker replacing a DSL modem that had failed.  We got that done, and the office lady said something about the laser printer curling the paper badly and was there anything we could do about it.  My work buddy thought that sometimes the fuser temperature could be adjusted to help prevent that from happening.  He went to look at that while I addressed an issue where the same printer was only doing black and white instead of color.  He comes back in the room after a minute, just laughing like crazy.  It turns out that in the menus on the printer, there is an option to adjust that.  But instead of saying “Fuser high temp/low temp” or something like that, the menu item says…

“Reduce paper curl”

We all had a good laugh.  And to prove that it does work, here are 2 sheets of paper that came through it.  The reduced “paper curl” one is on the right.

Paper curl options

Kind of makes you wonder if there is also an option in “Increase paper curl”.


Independence Day Fireworks

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Nothing like a little pyrotechnic fire to end the day!  It’s actually amazing what a single frame captures.  It’s very pretty when watching a continuous display, but the bits and pieces of fire and sparks that are flying everywhere are quite amazing.

Bits of fire everywhere

Caught with someone's "illegal" firework in the background

Colors in the sparks

Ashley with a sparkler

The folks down the road were shooting off some things as well, but I took this picture because of the sliver of a crescent moon.  You can’t hardly see the moon at all, but the low light shot was pretty good. 

Down the street

In case you are wondering, this is the D-1 with the 17-35mm lens.  f/2.8, 1/4 sec, 1600 ISO.  Exposure is -1.7 in order to allow the shutter to work a little faster.  Otherwise it would have been a 1 second exposure.  As it is, I am amazed that it is not blurry…I was not using the tripod!


Doggie Play Time

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One of the little toys that Crystal’s dog Baby has is a stuffed shark.  I think it is something she got at Walmart.  Anyway, it “lives” in the back yard and that goofy little dog will just run like crazy if you throw it for her.  For example…


That’s all well and good.  But what do you do for entertainment if the doggie is gone with the owner for the evening?  Why, substitute a kid for the dog of course!

And before anyone jumps all over my case…it was HER idea, not mine.