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Sky and Kristen’s Wedding

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The wedding was a success!  I am so amazed and pleased that it all came together and went so well.  Here are some pictures!

Kristen ready to be married

I am ready to take her to Sky

Bishop Kropf performs the ceremony

Sky, Kristen and Jillian at the reception

Jillian all dolled up

The cake and the toast!


More Pictures

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Crystal whipping Sky with her hair

Manly men.


Grandma duty is pretty good!

Fun in the trees

Family Attitudes

God's Gifts


Family Pictures

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These are not the ones that Patty took…we will get those in a week or so.  These are just some we took while doing the pictures.

Here are my kids.  Ashley, Sky and Crystal.

Ashley, Sky and Crystal

Sky and Kristen.  They are going to be married on March 5th.

Sky and Kristen

Here’s my granddaughter Jillian.


Having fun in the trees.

Tree Fun

I will have more soon!