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Boise Pictures

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I found an awesome site to take some pictures of downtown Boise the other day, and today I took the camera with me so I could actually do it.  These are from a street called Crescent Rim Drive.  The mountain backdrop make it pretty cool.  Click on them for full size.

State Capitol Building


Downtown again

OK, so this isn’t downtown Boise, but the little bugger was too cute to pass up.



Doggone it!

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The problem is…this is way too cute for her own good.

Crystal named her Baby.

So, her name is Baby.  Not one that I would have chosen, but she’s not my dog.  Personally, I liked Puddles.  That didn’t go over very well.

Karen did find a kennel, a nice big one for not a lot of money. 

Dog Cage

Now, would you be able to put something this cute…

Baby on the chair

…into that cage?

Proving that I am cold hearted and cruel…I can.

Don't feed the animals

I know…I’m a meanie.

But I just left her in there long enough to take the picture.