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Garden Valley (Aug 2010)

   Posted by: John    in Outdoors

We went to Garden Valley, Idaho for the weekend.  Along with watching 2 plays at Starlight Mountain Theatre, the girls went kayaking and I took the opportunity to take some pictures.  Old school style.

I have a Samyang 100-500 mm lens.  It is fully manual…no automatic settings at all, including focus.  I had to use a light meter to determine exposure settings and of course, the focus is also manual.  So, here are a few pictures I took.  The dirtiness is on the receiver in the camera…still need to get that cleaned.

1.  This is taken from a bridge about 3 miles East of Garden Valley.

2.  Below the bridge, I could see this shed and fence across the river.

3.  There was another shed that was almost hidden behind trees, seen from the same spot.

4.  Not sure what this is, but it was sitting in the river.

5.  A tree among rocks at the river’s edge and a tree with a fence.

6.  The girls took some kayaks down the river.  These are taken near the take-out point.

7.  A barn across the field from the campground.