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The Hill

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He stood, pushed his hat back and looked.  Sweat trickled off his forehead and he wiped it out of his eyes.  It had been a difficult climb to reach the hill’s summit.  There was no trail and loose rocks covered the steep and uneven slope.  But, he thought, it had been worth it, even in the heat of the afternoon. 

Around him lay the land in all of God’s glory, miles of it in every direction.  His hill was higher than most of the others he could see nearby.  The rolling landscape lay covered in rocks, brush and weeds.  Far away he could see mountains, snow covered and distant, like guardians over the lower terrain.  Closer by, a small river wound its way through the valleys.  It was good water, he knew, as he had filled his canteen earlier that morning.  He took a drink now, wishing the water was as cold and fresh as it had been four hours earlier. 

There was not another human for miles, he thought.  The forbidding landscape was striking in its brown and rocky appearance.  Beautiful, yet not what people would seek to discover.  It did not fit the usual scenic mold, he decided, because it lacked the green of trees and flower filled meadows.  No, this was different and he was seeing what others avoided. 

Soon it was time to head back to camp.  He reluctantly started down the hill, knowing it would take time to make it back to his horse and tent.  Yes, he thought, it had been worth it.  The memory of this place would bring him back again, eager to see what others would not.  This place would be waiting for him, ready to take him away from the formalities of life.  Just God and nature and him…wondering, pondering, feeling…and knowing where he stood in the grand design of life.


Day Trip to Lexington, Oregon

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Today I hauled a stack of ATV trailers for my friend Ryan, going from Nampa to Lexington, Oregon.  It’s quite the trip, most of it on the freeway, but the last 30 miles are on highway 207, going south from I-84.  Although I have driven that freeway any number of times, I have never been down into that section of Oregon. 

First of all, here’s the stack…lots of wind area.  And there was a headwind of about 20 mph.  So much for fuel economy.

Anyway, I got off the freeway and started heading down this highway 207.  After a couple of miles it just changes into this rolling hill farmland.  So much of it is apparently not irrigated, so it’s dry farming.  Miles and miles and miles of it.  Not much for houses, trees or anything else; almost desolate, except for the land was being put to use.

Looks like some of the crops had been harvested.

I can’t even imagine what people who might have traveled through there 200 years ago thought.  Just wide open rolling land with nothing but rocks and dirt.


The Stage

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The stage sits in quiet solitude, still and silent, solid, yet ignored for the moment.  The crowd murmurs, people conversing among themselves, mindless of the place that awaits the performance.  There is activity behind, frenzied people adjusting costumes and makeup, looking for items they will use.  But soon the time will arrive, and boots and shoes will step on the stage.  Until then, though, the stage must wait.

Now the lights dim and the murmur fades.  Music plays, and people enter the stage.  It is the center of attention, quiet yet ready to play it`s part.  Shoes and boots thump and tap over the stage, a lively dance to lively music.  The stage endures the pounding feet, never flinching.  The dance is over, replaced by words.  Words of anger, words of passion, words of betrayal, words of humor, words of love.  The stage listens to them all, providing strength and meaning, giving place to them.  More dancing, a swordfight, a chase, a kiss, a bow.

Now the performance is over.  Applause fills the room.  The stage stands with quiet dignity, not bowing but silently acknowledging it`s part.  Soon the audience and actors are gone, the lights turned out.  The stage stands in the darkness, resting quietly.  Tomorrow is another performance, and the stage will play it`s part again, prominent, the center of attention.  Such is it`s life, giving itself to humor, drama and music in quiet strength and dignity.