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Testimony meeting is usually all right, but on occasion we have some very good testimonies and something profound is said.

One of the ladies stood and talked about cleaning her gutters.  She has some health problems and can’t do a whole lot, but tries to do what she can to avoid imposing on others.  Anyway, she had flushed the gutter junk down the drainpipe with the hose, but the hose got stuck on something when she went to take it out.  After struggling for a few moments, she said a quick prayer to help her get the hose out so she wouldn’t have to bother her neighbor.  She still couldn’t pull the hose free.  However, after thinking about it for a moment, she had the idea to get a screwdriver and remove the screws holding the downspout to the pipe.  She did and the hose came out with no problem.  She replaced the screws and it turned out fine.

She mentioned that this may seem a silly thing to pray over, but she realized that the answer was given to her, just not the way that she expected.  The end result was the same, but getting there was different than what she had in mind.

I got to thinking about this principle.  People are generally very short sighted and we get fixated on one or two ways to accomplish something.  It is difficult to step back and take a fresh or different look at finding an answer to a problem.  Often it requires input from another source to get us to look in different directions to get to the same result.

This lady’s situation was a perfect example.  The result was the successful removal of the water hose from the drainpipe, but the method of removing the hose was different than what she initially expected.  In the end, the result was the same.  Getting there took a little more time and effort.

Isn’t that true of all things?  Sometimes getting to the end result requires more than we expect to put into it.  Often, the extra effort teaches us more, or gives us more reason to appreciate the result.  It is a good reason to strive for excellence and not be just average.

In the end, what we make of our lives is what is important.  God is there to give us direction.  We need to be open to His suggestion and be willing to make changes to achieve the results He wants and expects.  His wisdom is far greater, and while we can often plan for our desired results, we sometimes have to take a different direction than we planned.  The Holy Ghost will help us recognize when we need to change direction. 

It’s amazing what one can glean from a 3 minute testimony, isn’t it?


Various Job Types…

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An Engineer asks “How does it work?”
A Scientist asks “Why does it work?”
An Accountant will ask, “How much does it cost?”
A Liberal Arts major asks “Do you want fries with that?”