Archive for December 17th, 2006

The Priesthood lesson today was on the Second Coming.  It was interesting to review various things we already know about the second coming.  During the discussion, we were talking about what we will be doing during the millennium.  Among other things, we will be doing genealogy and temple work.  We were discussing the kind of family history work that we would be involved in, having the heavenly records to work with.  I made kind of a flip comment that God’s bookkeeping system would be a lot more accurate than anything we have ever used.  After thinking about that a little more, I realized that God’s books will be perfect.  Every person who has ever lived on this Earth will be recorded in it, along with their parents, siblings, when and where they were born and lived, when they died, who they married, etc.  And, being a heavenly record, there will be no errors in translation, no incomplete entries, no wrong dates, and no family member missing because they died at birth.  Now, for those who are into family history, having those records at their disposal will be amazing.

Also, during the course of the discussion, Norm Stoddard had a deep thought.  He first asked if we thought the church was growing faster in foreign countries than here in the United States.  I think that it is.  So Norm said something along the lines of how we may be in danger in this country of losing the leadership to another, more humble place.  I thought about that.  There is some scriptural basis for that line of thought.  How many times in the Book of Mormon did the church move from one nation to another?  Then, the nation that had the church sent missionaries to the other nations to bring their brethren to repentance.

These kinds of examples are based on one of my pet peeves about history.  It is easy to see what happens when reading about it, particularly when one can cover years, or hundreds of years in a few pages.  The perspective is different when living it day to day.  The slowness of living compared to the rapidity of history makes it difficult to apply the lessons that history provides.

This is one of the reasons that the Lord wants us to STUDY the scriptures, to become familiar with them, to know them, so we can learn and recognize the lessons.  We have an advantage over people of all previous dispensations in that we have the scriptures available to read any time we wish.  Every person can have their own copy to read, mark, or ignore if they so choose.  One wonders if the children of Israel would have been so rebellious and quick to turn from the Lord if every household had their own set of scriptures to read and learn from.

On further reflection, I agree with Norm’s thought to a point.  Yes, it is possible that this land could fall into deep iniquity and require the efforts of missionaries from another location to bring us to repentance.  However, I do not think it is likely.  The difference is that we have the scriptures in our homes.  We are told that the elect may fall, but I do not believe that the majority of the LDS church will fall away.  To ensure that we do not fall away, we need to humble ourselves before the Lord to avoid becoming another “history lesson” worthy of future scriptural mention.