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Lily in the snow

   Posted by: John

A little bit of snow to a small dog seems like a lot.  There’s about 4 inches of snow in the back yard…just about how long her legs are.



   Posted by: John

Just a few random pictures.


Hay Bales


Silo Sunset

Half a Moon Away...

Lazy Lily


I took Lily with me…

   Posted by: John

My dog looked so pathetic when I went to leave this morning that I felt sorry for her and took her with me.  For the most part she did very well.  We were in and out of the car a lot but I did not let her out without being on her leash or a rope.  Good thing too, as she decided a couple of times to try and explore off the edge of the road!  One spot in particular was rather steep and I ended up pulling her back.  Yes, she wears a harness.

I had some difficulty getting her to sit still and it was impossible to get any pictures of her trying to step into the river.  But, here are a couple I managed to get.

Lily exploring

Watching the water

Doggie pose

Cussin' at me because I won't let her off her leash!



   Posted by: John

Lily and Baby


Doggie in the Yard

   Posted by: John

I had to take some pictures of Lily in the back yard.  It’s a little tough with a white dog in sun…lots of almost fluourescing brightness!

Lily (ISO-200, f/6, 1/160 sec, 300mm)

Lily (ISO-200, f/5, 1/80 sec, 185mm)

Lily (ISO-200, f/5, 1/80 sec, 185mm)

Lily (ISO-200, f/7.1, 1/180 sec, 410mm)

Lily (ISO-200, f/6.7, 1/180 sec, 200mm)

Lily (ISO-200, f/5.6, 1/125 sec, 80mm)



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The garden project continues to go well.  I got the third box filled and transplanted the beans and peas to it.  They were outgrowing the little starter pot they were in.  So, those are transplanted and a new batch of seeds are planted.  Today I planted some other seeds, beets, carrots and spinach.  I decided to try an eggplant.  I still need to get the herbs done, but they are starting very slow.  I also got the cages for the tomato and squash plants and put them in place.

Veggies and seeds

Cages over the big plants

The whole thing

We also found some things that are fun for the back yard.

Not a spotted owl

Fountain....and the Spoiled Rotten Dog

And….my favorite, parked out by the front porch…

Grumpy...just like me


Spoiled Rotten Dog

   Posted by: John

I saw this at Gordmans, but did not buy it.  Maybe I should.

Home of a Spoiled Rotten Dog

That would not be referring to this dog would it?

Is she spoiled rotten?

No doubt about it, she is!

Yeah, I guess she is spoiled rotten!


More Lily

   Posted by: John

I put some bark mulch around the tree in the back yard this afternoon.  Lily was just sitting by the tree and I got this picture of her.  Kind of looks like a fall day with the bare tree and the leaves on the ground.  Kind of felt like a fall day too, but it’s early spring.  Oh well…



Cute Doggie

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   Posted by: John

So the family decided that Dad needed a dog.  At some point Crystal is going to move out and take her dog with her.  I don’t mind saying that her dog Baby has been a lot of fun.  I guess they thought I would get all depressed and moody or something.  So they made arrangements Saturday afternoon to go look at another Pomeranian puppy.  Story cut short, I now have a beautiful 7 month old doggie.  Her name is Lily.  Poor thing had been living in a garage for the past few months.  I am sure she was not abused, but she has been somewhat neglected.  Here she is.


This was taken the night we got her.  She was all wound up, but I managed to get her to sit still for a couple minutes.

All fuzzy, before getting groomed

She had some bad fur mats in spots and she needed a good grooming.  We decided to have it done since it was so bad I could not brush her well.  Between some supplies and grooming, Petco managed to collect about $150 this week.  But she looks so much better now!

Lily all trimmed up

What a cutie!

At least I can comb through her fur now and keep her fluffy! 

Of course, Baby is a little jealous.  She is Crystal’s dog, but she thinks she is mine as well.  Naturally, Lily is competition to her and it makes things a little interesting at times.  I think it will be fine after a couple weeks though.  Baby is a little bigger, but she is also 2 years old and she is part something else beside Pomeranian.  Both dogs are very good natured and are pretty easy to work with.


Baby also isn’t fluffy, except for the first few hours after a bath!