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   Posted by: John

Saw this on the car window one morning before leaving the house.

Green bug

Sitting on the hood of the car one morning last week.

White Wingy Critter

It would not leave when I tried to get it to fly away so eventually I drove off with it still on the hood.  It made it to 48 mph.



   Posted by: John

Um….this guy is in all kinds of trouble!

Swim Faster!

Probably the best comment on the site:  “Diver…the other white meat!”



   Posted by: John

Crystal found this frog out front of the house.  It looked about 3 or 4 inches long and blends in with the ground pretty good.  Since it was dark I had the phone camera “flash” on. I had to correct the pictures a bit to get even out the light flare on the dirt.


Frog again


Doggie Play Time

   Posted by: John

One of the little toys that Crystal’s dog Baby has is a stuffed shark.  I think it is something she got at Walmart.  Anyway, it “lives” in the back yard and that goofy little dog will just run like crazy if you throw it for her.  For example…


That’s all well and good.  But what do you do for entertainment if the doggie is gone with the owner for the evening?  Why, substitute a kid for the dog of course!

And before anyone jumps all over my case…it was HER idea, not mine.


Squirrel Post

   Posted by: John

We have squirrels all over the place, and I mean everywhere.  They are actually a lot of fun to watch.  This one lives around the office.  He posed here for me.

Say Cheese

 Another squirrel that lives around here got into a spat with this one.  I never knew that squirrels could make such a horrible squeaky sound, but the two of screeching at each other was quite the strain on the ears!